Self Help Links for Mental Health

Here I’m jotting down a small list of hopefully helpful (personally tried and tested) online, free resources that could potentially get you the right type of help for your own individual needs.

NHS Self-assessment Free Online Tools

First of all, Depression Self Assessment – which is a fantastic tool if you don’t fancy going down to the doctors just yet.  But it may be worth a trip to the doc if results come back with something indicating you may need some support.

There are nine questions on this great handy tool kit, it’s actually part of the NHS website – so it’s totally legit and not just one of those home-made quiz tests which you can find on almost every corner of the internet – although some of them are very good – just not the real thing.  So it is an official assessment BUT it does state quite clearly that it is NOT meant to be used as an “instead of” going to the doc’ kinda thing’! – NHS Depression Self-Assessment

Secondly, there is another brilliant online tool on the NHS website, which is Mood Self-assessment.  It’s directed at those over the age of 16 to use for free. For this post I have just taken the self assessment.  There are 18 questions and once completed there is a link which takes you to a great list of other helpful resources. NHS self assessment – Check Your Mood

If under the age of 16, there is a similar but alternative NHS link – Youth Mental Health Hub

One more link I’d like to add, which is actually quite an important little “Myth Buster” tool – it’s about Patients and their choices.  It’s about YOUR rights as an NHS patient.  Check it out, there are eight questions, which you have to answer ‘True’ or ‘False’ to and it gives you the correct answer and I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised at what I found out. 🙂  Give it a go! NHS – Patient Choice – Myth Buster

I’ll add more to this page as and when but I hope you found some of this helpful to you.